How do I find my perfect shade?

In order to help you find the perfect tone to complement your complexion, please fill out our short questionnaire. Once we get to know you better, we can help direct you to the shades that are absolutely perfect for you.

Can I try other shades of the same colour?

Our method will help direct you to the shade that complements your skin tone best but you are definitely not limited to just that. Particularly if you have a neutral skin tone – more than one shade can suit you very well. We will do our best to recommend the shades that work for you, but you are free to sample as many colours as you like to achieve different looks.

What’s the difference between tone and complexion?

In our questionnaire, you’ll notice we often refer to both complexion and tone – two very different elements that make your skin unique. Your complexion refers to your shade, such as light, medium or dark. Your tone refers to the undertone of your skin colour, such as cool, neutral or warm. Your complexion will help determine how light or dark your lip colour should be, and your undertone will determine which underlying shade will make your skin look its best.

What if I don’t like my colour match?

Our method will help you find the colour that will suit your complexion best. Unfortunately, it can’t take personal preferences into account. While we firmly believe our method is an excellent way to find the colour that will suit you, we encourage you to browse our entire collection for other shade variations that speak to your style a little more.

What’s in your formula?

We’re proud to say our lipstick formula is made with natural hydrating ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E oil. It is also formaldehyde-free and paraben-free.

Can I find the right tone for any colour?

Yes, definitely. There is a variation of every colour out there that is made for you. You just have to find it. Spoiler alert: we can find it for you! Mission accomplished.

Where can I find TōN products?

For the moment, our website carries our full colour range.

My item is out of stock. Now what?

We do our best to make sure our colours are always in stock and ready to purchase. However, high demand (yay!) sometimes leaves us temporarily low. We are working at restocking all our items on a daily basis. Please check our website for estimated restocking dates, or sign up for our email service which will let you know when your product is back!