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Wow! We can’t believe we’re finally here – at the launch of our very own Canadian cosmetics brand. My sister Vicki and I, two Montreal gals with a big dream, have been working for what seems like forever on the perfect lipstick collection. I thought it was only fair to introduce ourselves to you and let you all in our unique brand concept first.

Though the two of us are behind the brand, I actually come from a family of three sisters. And although we are similar in many ways, we have very different skin tones. That means the makeup that suits one of us, almost never matches the other. I’m an adventurous type and being of a neutral skin tone, I can play around with lots of different shades. But my sisters were just never jumping on the bandwagon with me when I found a new shade I loved. Then I began to take note of things they would say and things my friends would say and found a common phrase repeated far too often. “Oh, I can’t wear that colour. That colour just doesn’t look good on me!”

After a little bit of research, my sister Vicki (my partner in business and best shopping buddy) and I realized that every shade has loads of variations and the trick is not to avoid one particular colour, but to find the variation of it that works for you. So we developed this all-new brand, complete with an online test to help you pinpoint the right colour for your skin tone and complexion.

The beauty of it all, though, is that you aren’t limited to just what the test picks out for you. While we do believe our test will direct you to the right shade for your tone, it obviously doesn’t take personal preferences into account. You are free to shop our entire collection and many different shades might strike your fancy. But if you find the choices too difficult to pick from or just don’t have the time to find your perfect match, we will do it for you.

The main idea is that we have several variations of each shade so you’re sure to find one that you love. Right now, we’re releasing our very first collection of nudes. Our comprehensive shades include colours to not only match your complexion, but to complement your undertone, as well. With an exaggerated eye, a truly understated but complementary nude is a basic must. A discreet, minimalist nude should be part of everyone’s beauty collection. Nude is on the market right now but we already have collection number two in the works (details to come!) and will hopefully have many more, too.

As a Canadian business, we take pride in our products being made in Canada and we value all of our customers, especially our local ones who choose to support us over the huge name brands out there. We take everything our customers have to say very seriously and not only appreciate but really welcome your feedback. We hope you all love our products as much as we do. We look forward to giving you the best possible product and serving you for years to come.

Thanks for your love and support!

Vicki & Maria xoxo

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