About Us

Apart from sharing a love for high heels, makeup, and ridiculous movies, sisters Vicki and Maria Barillaro couldn’t be more different. For starters, they each took very separate career paths in life. But oddly enough, this is exactly what brought them together to create TōN Cosmetics. Each bringing a unique set of skills to the table, the two bounced ideas off one another until the dream to build their very own cosmetics brand was finally born.

With a degree in Marketing and nearly twenty years experience in running their family’s business, Vicki developed impressive managerial and organizational skills that make her the fierce, headstrong businesswoman every company needs. Maria studied Journalism at Concordia University and quickly became the Online Beauty Editor for one of Canada’s leading fashion magazines. This sparked her intrigue in beauty products, and turned her into a little bit of a makeup junkie. Later moving on as a freelance writer and beauty blogger, Maria continued to develop a nearly decade-long career in writing about all things beauty, becoming an expert herself.

Though they both bring different, yet essential, skills to the table, one thing both were determined to do was create a brand that simplified the immense world of beauty for every woman. Together, they developed a brand that embodies the creativity of one sister with the practicality of the other. TōN Cosmetics aims to decode the beauty world for its customers, leading them to their perfect colour match. Behind every tube of lipstick, is the determination and devotion of two sisters who want to see every gal find her soul mate – the perfect lip colour!